The application of filament geotextile

发布于: 2022-07-22 18:39

Filament geotextile has good mechanical function, good water permeability, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, isolation, filtration, drainage, protection, stability, reinforcement and other functions, can adapt to the uneven base, can resist the construction of external force creep small, long-term load can still maintain the original function. What works are suitable for filament geotextiles?

Reinforcement in backfill, or panels for retaining walls. Construct parcel retaining walls or abutments. Reinforcement of the pond impermeable film road surface, repair the cracks on the road, to prevent reflection cracks on the road surface. An insulating layer of geotextiles between road, airport, railway slag and artificial rockfill and the foundation. The internal vertical or horizontal drainage of the earth dam, buried in the soil to dissipate the void water pressure. Drainage behind a impermeable geomembrane or under a concrete face in an earth dam or levee. Eliminate water seepage around the culvert to keep shrimp impermeable and reduce the external water pressure borne by the lining and water seepage around the buildings. Drainage of sports ground foundation by artificial land reclamation. It is used to strengthen weak foundation in highway, railway, embankment, earth and rock dam, airport, sports ground and other projects. The above occasions are suitable for the application of filament geotextile.

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