Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) construction

发布于: 2022-07-22 18:39

Geosynthetic Clay Liner is a kind of geosynthetic material specially used in waste landfill, underground reservoir, underground infrastructure construction and so on.

Geosynthetic Clay Liner construction method:

1, Geosynthetic Clay Liner material weight is large, it is appropriate to use a shovel with waterproof blanket handling, laying.

2. Geosynthetic Clay Liner is linked by lap.

3. When the Geosynthetic Clay Liner is laid on a slope greater than 10%, the number of lap joints along the slope length should be reduced as far as possible, and the bentonite mat on the slope must exceed the slope foot line by more than 1500mm.

4. Any equipment used for laying Geosynthetic Clay Liner shall not run on the laid geotechnical materials. The outdoor temperature shall not be lower than 0 ° C or higher than 40 ° C when the bentonite waterproof blanket is installed.

5. The edges of all exposed bentonite waterproof blankets must be pressed with heavy weights to prevent the edges from being blown up by the wind.

6. During the construction process, check the appearance of the Geosynthetic Clay Liner for damage, holes and other defects at any time. It is found that the bentonite sealing paste should be repaired in time, and the bentonite waterproof blanket around the damaged part that is larger than 200mm should be used for local coverage repair, and the edge part should be treated according to the requirements of lapping.

7. Pay attention to the construction of the protective layer in time during the laying of the Geosynthetic Clay Liner to ensure not to meet water before the construction of the later process. 

8. The laying and lap of the Geosynthetic Clay Liner should be parallel to the direction of the slope of the ground. If the slope is greater than 4:1, within 1m from the top of the slope or the slope, it cannot have a transverse lap.

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