Fish pond bottom with cement or geomembrane better?

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the bottom of the fish pond with cement or with geomembrane

1. The bottom of the fish pond is better with geomembrane. The so-called geomembrane is a kind of polymer flexible material, its proportion is relatively small, and has strong extensibility, but also can adapt to degeneration, not only corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance, but also environmentally friendly. If you use cement, although it can do not seepage, but itself is not breathable, and the fish think of holes can not do, and even affect the survival of some demersal fish.

2. Take grass carp as an example. Grass carp is a kind of food fish. This fish is found in many parts of the country, and it is common to raise it in captivity. However, since water plants cannot be grown in cement ponds, it must be fed with plant bait frequently so that it can grow quickly.

Therefore, it is usually better to use geomembrane. Planting some aquatic plants at the bottom will reduce a lot of feeding costs, and the relatively natural environment will be more conducive to the growth of grass carp. In addition, feed needs to be put into the aquaculture of some aquatic products, and the bottom of the cement pool needs to be cleaned frequently. If the geomembrane is used to plant some algae at the bottom, the residue will be naturally absorbed, which will reduce a lot of costs.

what kind of fish can cement pond raise

1, goldfish: cement fish pond goldfish is very appropriate. This KIND of fish is cultivated by crucian carp, having long history in our COUNTRY, divided into 4 kinds USUALLY, which are respectively grass species, literary species, dragon species and egg species. The cement pool is suitable for raising grass species, Chinese species and dragon species, while the difficulty of raising egg species is relatively high.

2, Koi: Koi and goldfish are wide temperature ornamental fish, so it is no problem to use cement pool to raise. This kind of fish feed more miscellaneous, nature and very gentle, very like group swimming, relatively easy to raise. It should be noted that the abundance of bait and temperature will determine its growth rate.

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