In order to promote the good development of agriculture, it is necessary to vigorously build irrigation and water conservancy projects, and in this process, it will involve the use of a variety of geosynthetic materials, which not only have good performance advantages, but also help to solve the quality problems of water conservancy projects. In irrigation and water conservancy projects, geosynthetic materials are used in tunnel, trench pipe and road drainage facilities as well as the filter layer and other common structures, which can meet the functional needs of drainage and filtration and facilitate the construction of irrigation and water conservancy. In irrigation and water conservancy construction, seepage control engineering is very key, and composite geomemes are usually used as seepage control materials



in the greenhouse, a non-woven geotextile for canopy, canopy and plastic greenhouse film spacing 15-20 cm, the formation of an insulation layer, can improve the temperature in the shed 3-5℃. It also can be used as shade from the sun. With non - woven geotextile directly covered in the seedbed can effectively improve the whole seedling.

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