Geosynthetics are widely used in the mining industry. Typical applications include geotextile filtration, geomembrane seepage control and geogrids reinforcement,
In the mining industry, a large number of highly chemically corrosive industrial liquids are used. In the mineral industry, heap leaching is widely used to extract metal elements from ores. In the extraction process, highly chemically corrosive solutions such as chloride or sulfuric acid are added. If the effective anti-seepage system is not used in the heap leaching pond, the ecological environment around the heap leaching pond will be greatly affected. The HDPE geomembrane itself is structurally stable and has excellent resistance to chemical corrosion. This feature of HDPE geomembrane makes it a good impermeable material. Good HDPE geomemes are made of high quality virgin polyethylene, with excellent chemical corrosion resistance, can resist most chemical compounds, so as to ensure high quality mining anti-seepage engineering. At the same time, due to the excellent tear resistance of HDPE geomeme material itself, it can resist the damage of fine ore in heap leaching tank.
Our products and solutions help mine owners solve their problems at any stage of the mining project. From transportation roads, infrastructure, rockfall protection, mineral extraction, heap leaching storage, dehydration and environmental recovery, we can provide you with solutions!


-Cave-foundation reinforcement - geogrid and geotextiles are often used in goaf areas where settlement is possible, or in areas where natural cavities or dissolution occurs
-The reinforcement of soft soil foundation and three-dimensional composite drainage material are vertically installed in the soil to accelerate the consolidation and reduce the pore water pressure of soil
· Geotextile separates the soft soil from the high quality embankment filler
· Geotextiles are used to stiffen and insulate the base material
· Geogrid fortifies embankment foundations

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