With the development of science and technology, geosynthetics are increasingly used in road engineering construction. For example: in the highway subgrade retaining wall, slope protection, etc., especially in the processing of soft ground tunnel drainage, road surface crack, and other fields of application, due to the special nature of geosynthetic material itself has, plays an indispensable role in the construction of road engineering construction, geotextiles main play filterability function in highway engineering. Generally used in road construction, is conducive to cutting thin surface layer, anti reflection crack. Geonet has good interlocking property with subgrade filler, can enhance subgrade strength, prevent slope topsoil loss, mainly used for subgrade, embankment protection engineering. In order to improve the stability of special section embankment, prevent embankment settlement, geosynthetic materials can be used to reinforce embankment.     During construction, commonly used geogrid, geotextile, geomesh, etc. After the embankment is reinforced, the direction of friction formed by the horizontal stiffened surface and the filling material is parallel to the relative displacement direction of the filling material, so that the shear strength of the embankment is enhanced. The stability and strength of roadbed and pavement are mainly related to water. In the process of roadbed and pavement construction and maintenance, road drainage should be carried out effectively, which is also an important means to ensure the stability of roadbed and pavement engineering. In road construction, geosynthetics work with other drainage structures to form a drainage system



Used for strengthening weak foundation; It can effectively improve the locking and occlusal effect of the reinforced bearing surface, greatly enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation, effectively constrain the lateral displacement of the soil, and enhance the stability of the foundation.


Strengthen the flexible road surface, repair the cracks on the road, prevent the reflection of cracks; An isolation layer between ballast and subgrade, or between subgrade and soft foundation


An isolation layer between ballast and subgrade, or between subgrade and soft foundation

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