Around the world, the amount of waste being processed continues to grow, and the earth needs more landfills. On the other hand, there are a large number of solid waste landfills that need to be sealed. Therefore, geosynthetics will have a great market prospect in sealing and temporary covering of solid waste landfill in the future. When a solid waste landfill is filled up, an integral covering structure needs to be built on its surface to prevent rainwater infiltration and landfill gas overflow, and vegetation can be planted for greening and restoration. There are three kinds of geosynthetics mainly used in sealing field covering: low density polyethylene (LDPE) geomemes, geosynthetic clay liner and composite drainage net. LDPE geomemes have good ductility, are not easy to be torn, and can play a good role in seepage prevention and air closure. The geosynthetic clay liner is also very good. Compared with geomembranes, it will not completely cut off the water vapor below the covering layer, which is more conducive to vegetation growth. In order to reduce rainwater infiltration and landfill gas overflow, the temporary cover of solid waste landfill is to cover the exposed waste surface with geosynthetics in the area where no landfill operation is conducted temporarily. Temporary cover is also commonly used in polluted site treatment projects to prevent volatile harmful gases from spilling into the atmosphere. In the early stage, tarpaulin and film are generally used for temporary cover, but it is easy to have problems such as poor anti-seepage sealing effect and easy tearing of weld seams. At present, the landfill is more and more high requirements for sealed landfill, some landfill uses 1mm thick HDPE geomembrane to do temporary cover, its advantage is that the weld is stronger, the cover film is not easy to be pierced by sharp objects, the use of the sealing effect is better.



Has good heat resistance and cold resistance, its use of the ambient temperature of 110℃ high temperature, low temperature -70℃; Has good chemical stability, can resist strong acid, alkali, oil corrosion is a good anticorrosive material; Has strong weather resistance, has a strong anti-aging performance, can be used for a long time bare and maintain the original performance;


It can not only drain water, but also discharge the biogas produced by fermentation in the soil, which is especially suitable for landfill application

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