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Sichaun Zhonglong has an internal national standard laboratory. We follow a set of strict guidelines to make sure it satisfies the declared performance level, including durability performance. Our geotextile price and short silk geotextile price is a type of non-woven and commercial fabric. We are the leading geotextile supplier among the short silk geotextile suppliers in China.

Functions of Our Short Silk Geotextile Price

As one of the well-known short silk geotextile suppliers, here are the functions of wholesale geotextile fabrics:

  • In both dry and wet situations, high-strength plastic fiber materials can maintain enough strength and elongation.
  • Resistance against corrosion over the long term in mud and water of different pH values.
  • The threads improve the material's water permeability.
  • Excellent antibacterial properties; do not hurt microorganisms or insects.
  • Because of the material's lightweight and softness, it is easy to move, layout, and assemble.

Being among the top short silk geotextile suppliers, we offer the best short silk geotextile price to you. And you must choose us as your geotextile supplier to have the best wholesale geotextile fabrics in the market. 

Characteristics of Our Performance

  • Due to the good water and air permeability of the squatting geotextile, soil, and sand loss can be avoided.
  • Because of its high water conductivity, a geotextile can remove surplus liquid and gas from the soil structure and create a drainage channel inside the soil.
  • Employing geotextiles to improve the soil's quality, the building's stability, and the soil's tensile strength and resistance to deformation.
  • Effectively disperse, transmit, or decompose stored stress while protecting soil from destructive external influences.
  • Prevent mixing of the upper and bottom layers' sand, dirt, and concrete.

So, do not miss the chance to join hands with the best geotextile supplier for the wholesale geotextile fabrics you want.

Short silk geotextile fabric adopts polyester staple fiber with 6-12 deniers and 54-64mm length as raw material. The cloth is made by the process of non-woven production equipment, such as opening, combing, cluttering (short fibers interwoven together), netting (normalized tangling and fixation), needling, and so on. Unit area mass 100-800 grams per square meter, length 50-200 m (can be customized), width 3-6 m







Short silk nonwoven geotextiles fabric are widely used in railway roadbed reinforcement, road pavement maintenance, sports hall, dam protection, hydraulic construction isolation, tunnel, coastal beach, reclamation, and other projects.



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