Drainage board

High Quality Drainage Board Suppliers

Are you in need of a reliable drainage solution for your landscaping or construction project? Look no further than our drainage board. We are among the top drainage board suppliers. We use a specially designed material for drainage boards. You can use them to redirect and manage water flow in a variety of applications. 


Our company makes the best dimple drainage board and Geotextile drainage board with a series of channels, dimples, or other features. It allows water to flow through easily while providing strong support. We also offer a plastic drainage board.


Different Types of Drainage Boards Available

There are several types of drainage boards available on the market. But as one of the well-known drainage board suppliers, we design drainage boards for specific applications. Dimple drainage board, for example, is commonly what you use in green roof systems and retaining walls. We make it with a series of small dimples on its surface that create air pockets. Geotextile drainage board is another popular option. 


Our company makes it with a layer of geotextile fabric on top. This helps to filter out sediment and other contaminants from the water as it flows through. This type of drainage board is often for sports fields.

It is important to select a high-quality product from a trusted supplier. Poorly made drainage boards can lead to issues such as clogging, erosion, and even structural failure. Whether you need a dimple drainage board for a green roof system or a Geotextile drainage board for a sports field, be sure. 


A drainage board is a kind of light board made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) with impact resistance, tensile strength, and high hardness through heating and pressing, which can not only create a drainage channel with certain three-dimensional spatial support stiffness, but also water storage, heat insulation. The unique circular water storage tank of the drainage board is arranged in a honeycomb pattern for water storage and overhead (heat insulation, drainage, ventilation); Circular hole and plate edge lap can drain excess water in time while facilitating air circulation



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