Two Way Stretch Plastic Geogrid

Best Selling Two Way Stretch Plastic Geogrid

The Two way Stretch Plastic Geogrid is made by extruding polymer into a sheet, punching a regular hole net, and then stretching it first laterally and then longitudinally. During this procedure, the polymer is oriented to a meshed state, which causes a long, elliptical net-like structure with uniform distribution and high node strength to form.

This two way stretch plastic geogrid structure has a fairly high tensile strength and tensile modulus, especially in our firm, which has a stronger early tensile strength and tensile modulus at a higher level of super global level. Its provided system is ideal for soil commitment and diffusion. The product has a strong tensile strength and works well in all types of soil. We also offer unidirectional tensile plastic geogrid.

Functions of Two-Way Stretch Plastic Geogrid

  • High tensile strength in both the longitudinal (LD) and transverse (MD) directions (XMD).
  • Ability to resist rusting
  • Flame extinguishing
  • Convenient to build, reducing upkeep expenses.
  • Easily installation of two way stretch plastic geogrid

Utilization for Organizations

  • The roadbed of many kinds of highways, trains, and airports can be strengthened using two way stretch plastic geogrid.
  • It can be applied to strengthen a permanent load's foundation in large parking lots, terminal freight yards, etc.
  • It can be utilized to safeguard the incline of trains and highways.
  • It might be applied to fortify the culvert.
  • It can be utilized as a supplementary enhancement to the uniaxial geogrid soil improvement to further enrich the soil and prevent soil erosion.

Bidirectional plastic geogrid is made of the polymer by extrusion, plate forming, punching process, and then longitudinal and lateral stretching. The material has great tensile strength both longitudinally and laterally, and this structure also provides an ideal interlocking system for more efficient force bearing and diffusion in the soil, suitable for foundation reinforcement with large areas of permanent load. Roll length 50-100m wide 3/4/6m, customizable



Bidirectional stretch plastic geogrids are suitable for reinforcing all kinds of embankment and roadbed, slope protection, cave wall reinforcement, large airports, parking lots, wharfs and other permanent bearing foundation reinforcement.
1. Increase the bearing capacity of road (ground) foundation and prolong the service life of road (ground) foundation.
2. Prevent road (ground) surface from collapse or crack, and keep the ground beautiful and tidy.
3. Convenient construction, time saving, labor saving, shorten the construction period, reduce maintenance costs.
4. Prevent cracks in culverts.
5. Strengthen soil slopes to prevent soil erosion.
6. Reduce cushion thickness and save cost.
7. Support the stable green environment of slope grass mat.


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