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A form of drainage material used in building and gardening is a drainage sheet, commonly referred to as a sheet drain. It is a flat, sheet-like product constructed of a porous substance that allows water to pass through while preventing soil. And other debris from clogging the drainage system, such as plastic or fiber-reinforced plastic. In places where water needs to be collected and channeled, like around foundations, retaining walls, and garden beds, a sheet drain is generally built. You can utilize it by choosing the best sheet drain manufacturers like us. Our short silk geotextile is also one of our best-sellers. 

A Variety of Uses for Organizations

Organizations can utilize drainage sheets in a variety of ways to handle problems with water management on their premises. As one of the leading sheet drain manufacturers, several instances include:

  • Foundation Drainage: 

You can install a sheet drain around the perimeter of a building's foundation. You can collect and redirect water that may be seeping into the basement or crawlspace.

  • Drainage for Retaining Walls: 

To stop water from collecting behind retaining walls and weakening the wall, you can construct sheet drains.

  • Landscaping: 

In garden beds, flowerbeds, and turf areas, you can use them to collect and reroute water to avoid pooling and erosion.

  • Roof Drainage: 

To collect and reroute water that may be seeping through a roof or creating leaks, a drainage sheet can be put underneath a roof.

You can use the best-selling products by joining hands with the best sheet drain manufacturers. 


Sheet Drain is made of HDPE or Polypropylene drainage board and heat bonded with needle-punched filament nonwoven geotextiles. The dimple drainage structure allows for a high flow rate while an outer layer of permeable geotextile prevents debris from entering the drainage channel. The HDPE sheet drain can be bonded with non woven geotextile by hot pressing on one or both sides.

The external non woven geotextile has excellent permeability, wear resistance and slip resistance and can effectively prevent sand and gravel particles from entering the HDPE drainage sheets. Sheet Drain is widely applied for the drainage and filtration of retaining walls, basement walls, garden roofs, and plaza decks.



1、Greening project. A roof garden, vertical greening, sloping roof greening, football field, golf course, etc.;
2、Municipal engineering. Airports, roads, subgrades, subways, tunnels, and landfills.
3、Construction engineering. The upper or lower floor of the building foundation, the interior and exterior walls and bottom of the basement, the roof, the impermeable and thermal insulation layer of the roof, etc.
4、Water conservancy projects. Anti-seepage water of reservoirs, reservoirs, artificial lakes.
5、Traffic engineering. Highways, railway subgrades, dams and slope protection layers.
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