HDPE Geomembrane Textured

Superior Textured Geomembrane

A few of the characteristics of HDPE geomembrane textured and textured geomembrane are something we can tell. It includes excellent temperature adaptability, weldability, weather resistance, and good aging resistance. Exterior with HDPE geomembrane textured and textured geomembrane is a novel type of anti-seepage material. The engineering stability is increased by the use of HDPE geomembranes. They are better suited for steep slopes and vertical anti-seepage. The use of this product is required for applications needing higher frictional resistance, superior chemical resistance, and durability qualities. You must also take a look at our sheet drain.

Performance of Our Textured Geomembrane

The performance of our HDPE geomembrane textured and textured geomembrane is as follows:

  • Great deformation flexibility, robust puncture resistance, and superior physical and mechanical performance;
  • Excellent tolerance to acids and alkalis, anti-aging;
  • Superior resilience to low and high temperatures, safety, and prolonged life;
  • Excellent seepage resistance, humidity resistance, and water resistance;
  • Provides stronger UV defense and is suitable for outdoor settings.

Applications for You to Know

  • Avoid disposing of leaks in landfills, wastewater, or dregs disposal areas.
  • A tunnel, a lake dam, a reservoir, and a river bank. pool used to store liquids.
  • Avoiding leaks in basements, tunnels, and other places. There is anti-salt graffiti on the ground and other surfaces.
  • Construction fencing, a waste material field, the laying of a groundsill in a vertical direction, and the laying of dams in a plane direction.
  • Utilized in the foundations of roads, highways, and railroads as a waterproof layer of swelling clay and moist collapsed loess.
  • Stopping leaks from roofs.

HDPE geomembrane textured is on the basis of the traditional production process of polyethylene geomembrane, technical innovation, and transformation of production equipment, so that the production of polyethylene geomembrane surface to form a granular rough surface, improve the friction performance of the geomembrane surface, at the same time, compared with the same specifications of the light mask, friction resistance is stronger.


For textured geomembrane, we use the spraying process to continue the elongation of smooth base material and its physical properties, so that the quality of the rough surface geomembrane can not only meet the high roughness but also improve and maintain the elongation of the film, can fully meet the special engineering design needs of high elongation requirements, The rough surface can enhance the geomembrane resistance to bearing deformation force is generally used in the slope film body surface need to cover soil requirements have a large friction coefficient of the project. Thickness 0.75 -3.0 mm,  width 6-8 m or can be customized







1. Environmental protection, sanitation (such as domestic garbage landfill, sewage treatment, toxic and hazardous material treatment site, dangerous goods warehouse, industrial waste, construction and blasting waste, etc.)
2. Water conservancy (such as river, lake and reservoir dam seepage prevention, plugging, reinforcement, canal seepage prevention, vertical core wall, slope protection, etc.) 
3. Municipal works (subways, underground works of buildings and roof reservoirs, seepage control of roof gardens, lining of sewage pipes, etc.) 
4. Petrochemical (chemical plant, oil refinery, gas station oil s  torage tank anti-seepage, chemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank lining, secondary lining, etc.) 
5. mining (washing tank, heap leaching tank, heap ash field, dissolution tank, sedimentation tank, storage yard, tailings pond bottom lining seepage control, etc.) 
6. Aquaculture (lining of fish ponds, shrimp ponds)


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