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A geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) is a substance that you can use to build a wall to stop liquids or gases from moving through the soil. As one of the leading geosynthetic clay liner manufacturers and geosynthetics suppliers, we make it up of three layers. Including two layers of geosynthetic fabric and a layer of bentonite clay. Clay is a substance that occurs naturally and is renowned for its capacity to absorb. We, as geosynthetics suppliers, also manufacture geosynthetics. Choosing us as a geosynthetics manufacturer will be the best in your favor and we can assure you that.

Our GCLs Applications

Being one of the well-known geosynthetics suppliers and geosynthetic clay liner manufacturers, our GCLs have numerous industrial applications, such as:

  • Trash management: To stop the migration of leachate and gases, GCLs are frequently employed as a lining material in landfills.
  • Environmental Remediation: To stop the spread of pollutants, polluted soil or groundwater can be contained. Or you can treat the pollution using our best geosynthetic clay liner price.
  • Mining: To retain waste and prevent environmental pollution, GCLs can be used to build tailings dams and heap leach pads.
  • Water Management: To stop leaks and seepage, GCLs are used to make liners for reservoirs, canals, and irrigation systems.
  • Agriculture: Using GCLs for irrigation canals and ponds increases water holding capacity and lowers water loss.

The above applications are what set us apart as your geosynthetics manufacturer.

The ease of installation and extremely low permeability of geosynthetic clay liner price, make them an efficient barrier for a top-notch geosynthetics manufacturer. The barrier against the migration of liquids and gases. Our geosynthetic clay liner price is reasonably easy to maintain and has a lengthy service life. And we are among the reputable geosynthetic clay liner manufacturers. 

Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) is also called bentonite clay liner, or bentonite waterproof blanket, geosynthetic clay liner, is composed of three layers, the upper and lower layers are respectively geotextiles, mainly play a protective and reinforcement role, so it has a certain overall tear strength and tensile strength; In the middle is sodium bentonite granular layer, it is processed from natural clay mineral material, with high expansibility and high water absorption capacity, low water permeability when wet, mainly plays a role in anti-seepage.

Geosynthetic Clay Liner the use of a special acupuncture method is the process of crude fiber from the upper geotextiles through the layers of bentonite, fixed on the lower level of geotextiles, to combine three parts into a whole, effectively enhance the integrity of bentonite waterproof blanket and make it shearing strength and tensile strength increases greatly, which makes the GCL can be used alone, It can also be used in combination with geomembrane.

Mainly used in environmental engineering waste landfill, underground reservoirs, underground infrastructure construction, and other projects, to solve the sealing, isolation, anti-leakage problems, good effect, and strong damage resistance. The mineralogical name of bentonite is montmorillonite, and the natural bentonite is mainly divided into sodium and calcium-based two categories according to the chemical composition. Bentonite has the characteristics of water expansion.

When calcium bentonite expands, its expansion is only about 3 times its own volume, while sodium bentonite absorbs five times of its own weight of water when it meets water, and its volume expands to more than 15-17 times the original. Unit area mass 4000-6000 grams per square meter, length 10/20/30/40 m (can be customized), width 3-6 m








1. It is suitable for waterproofing projects such as roof planting garden, basement and roof built by workers and civilians;
2 subway, railway, municipal highway, light industry, oil and metallurgy industries of various waterproof projects;
3. Anti-seepage engineering of earthwork maintenance and reinforcement;
4. Desert control, environmental transformation, landfill, artificial lake, man-made landscape and other soil layer waterproof bedding;
5. In water conservancy engineering performance is more excellent, in water storage buildings, small reservoir reservoir area, reservoir dams, irrigation channels, ponds, fish ponds and other large area of seepage control construction can be widely used


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